환경 / 생태(~12/20) [재단법인 그린피스] 웨어하우스&트레이닝 코디네이터 채용

조회수 740

Job title: 웨어하우스&트레이닝 코디네이터 (Warehouse and Training Coordinator)

채용 사이트: https://careers.gpeastasia.org/job/Korea-Warehouse-and-Training-Coordinator/933972510/

[Req ID] 4002

웨어하우스&트레이닝 코디네이터 (Warehouse and Training Coordinator) 채용

The Actions Unit of Greenpeace East Asia is responsible for bringing our campaign strategies to life, through inspiring, attention-grabbing offline tactics
- including public engagement, direct action, protest and artistic intervention - in order to create a just, sustainable future for all.
As Warehouse & Training Coordinator, your role is to provide logistics support to offline events and trainings, manage the Seoul warehouse space and equipment,
and support the creation of ambitious and inspiring campaign tactics!
You'll work with diverse campaign teams and volunteer groups across South Korea,
and ensure we have the resources and equipment needed to successfully implement campaign plans.
This is a very practical role and we are looking for a highly responsible, detail-minded team player to join us.
We don’t expect you to know everything - this can be an entry-level role - but you will need a strong appetite to learn and try new things, and strong collaborative skills.
We particularly encourage those with experience as an activist and an interest in creativity and art to apply!

[주요 업무]
to provide logistics support to offline events and trainings
and support the creation of ambitious and inspiring campaign tactics!
You'll work with diverse campaign teams and volunteer groups across South Korea,
and ensure we have the resources and equipment needed to successfully implement campaign plans. manage the Seoul warehouse space and equipment,
오프라인 이벤트 및 교육에 물류 지원을 제공
야심차고 영감을 주는 캠페인 전술을 만드는 것을 서포트
한국 전역의 다양한 캠페인 팀들과 자원봉사 단체들과 함께 협업
캠페인 계획을 성공적으로 실행하는 데 필요한 자원과 장비를 가지고 있는지 확인
서울 창고 공간과 장비를 관리

[지원 자격]

Open to inexperienced
More than beginner~Intermediate level of English
Experience in logistics, event management or equipment management
Experience and/or strong interest in activism and campaigning
Proven ability to collaborate with others and work in diverse groups
Proficiency in working online, using google drive programs, spreadsheets, etc
Experience in supporting trainings and public-facing events
Experience in power tools and prop construction
Drivers licence, or willingness to gain a drivers license
-신입 환영
-초급이상~ 중급 영어 실력자
-물류, 이벤트 관리 또는 장비 관리에 대한 경험
-활동 및 캠페인에 대한 경험 및/또는 강한 관심
-타인과 협업하고 다양한 그룹에서 작업할 수 있는 검증된 능력
-온라인 작업, Google 드라이브 프로그램, 스프레드시트 등의 사용 숙련도
-교육 및 공개 행사 지원 경험
-전동 공구 및 소품 제작 경험
-운전면허 또는 운전면허를 취득할 의향이 있는 분

[우대 사항]

Experience and/or qualifications with maritime activities, climbing, projections , drones and other tech equipment
Experience or strong interest in arts and creative projects
Fluent in English
-해양 활동, 등반, 프로젝션, 드론 및 기타 기술 장비에 대한 경험 및/또는 자격
-예술 및 창의적 프로젝트에 대한 경험 또는 강한 관심
-영어 능숙자

2년 자체 기간제 계약직(그린피스 내부 규정상, 전직원은 2년 자체 계약직으로 입사. 2년이 도래하는 시점에 평가를 거쳐 정규직 전환 혹은 계약만료)

- 연봉 : 최소 2,670만원이상
- 근무시간 : 09:30~18:00 (1일 총 7.5시간 근무(30분 단축근무), 주 37.5시간 근무)
- *work & life balance*를 중요시하며, 야근과 회식을 강요하는 조직문화가 아닙니다.
- 4대보험/퇴직금/단체상해보험/건강검진(20만원상당)/통신비(월4만원이상)/영어교육이 지원됩니다.
- 연차 이외에도 눈치안보는 출산전후휴가, 육아휴직, 경조휴가, 유급병가(최대30일),
- 재택근무, 안식월(7년근무시 2개월 유급), 공휴일 중복시 다음 근무일 휴가가 있습니다.

* 영문 이력서(CV)와 영문 자기 소개서(Cover letter) 제출 필수
* 조기 채용시 마감될 수 있습니다.
* 이메일이나 페이스북 메신저를 통한 지원은 받지 않습니다.

@@ 지원시 영문 CV와 Cover letter 제출 바랍니다.
@@ 지원기간과 관계없이 조기채용 될 수 있으니 빠른 지원 부탁드립니다.


The Warehouse & Training Coordinator is a member of the Greenpeace East Asia Action Unit, primarily responsible for furthering Greenpeace East Asia's campaign objectives and supporting actions through maintaining the Greenpeace Warehouse and equipment, and coordinating capacity building trainings for enabling volunteers / Activists. The position also assists with producing various materials in-house, and closely working with action coordinators to provide necessary equipment and technical support during logistical planning, preparation, coordination and implementation of creative confrontation non-violent direct actions (NVDA) safely. Scope This role is detail-oriented, involves multiple concurrent daily deadlines and tasks, and requires hands on experience working with various hard skills, safety operations, administrative, vendor management, planning trainings, coordination with diverse group of volunteers / activists and alignment with Greenpeace core values in particular adherence to the practice of nonviolent direct action. It also requires a strong self-motivation to identify and experiment ways of bringing tech and art together. 


Conceptual tasks, Strategy development and/or Project management 

● Provide advice on the use of tools and materials for NVDA, activities and events in campaign projects. 

● Keep abreast of useful information, resources, equipment, tools, technical and technological development in related fields, to ensure production capacity is up-to-date. 

● Develop training programs to ensure production and action capacity is maintained Implementation 

● Maintain, develop and properly manage action warehouse, equipment and inventory 

● Coordinate and deliver capacity/training programs for volunteers and activists 

● Plan, develop and produce creative action materials to support delivering action plans. 

● Plan and coordinate equipment use for action unit and other departments. 

● Provide logistical support for Greenpeace fieldwork, activities and events. Formulate safety protocol and guidelines regarding use of action equipment and warehouse; 

● Maintain and manage a database of volunteers / activists and regularly recording their logs 

● Liaise with other Greenpeace offices and Greenpeace International for action-related logistics. Support/Coaching/Leadership 

● Recruit, cultivate and manage a group of volunteers and activists and motivate them to participate in warehouse production, Greenpeace actions and activities.

● Coordinate warehouse and action training for staff and activists. Compliance/Keeping Framework Conditions 

● Responsibility for the development and maintenance of the warehouse and how to make the best use of it for activists organizing; 

● Ensure all safety standards are met and follow the warehouse policy guidelines. 

● Ensure all the equipments and assets are holding valid appropriate license. 

● Manage contractors as required in compliance with Greenpeace East Asia policies. 

Competency Profile 1. Take responsibility and initiative 3 2. Work with others 3 3. Demonstrate Resilience 2 4. Prioritise and organise work 2 5. Build Networks 2 6. Act with Integrity 3 7. Strive for Result & Quality 1 Skill and expertise required 

● Hands on skills working with various productions tools 

● Knowledge of trends and opportunities in creative confrontation. 

● Interpersonal skills working diverse group of volunteers & 

● Adept at best practice towards gear and facility management 

● Competency in at least one often used skilled in creative confrontation. 

Work environment The post holder works in a standard office environment, and regularly in campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives. Can be required to travel to other Greenpeace offices. The post holder will be required to work under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations. Often works after hours and on weekends to allow for volunteers availability 

Preferred Candidate Profile 

● At least 2 years of work / hands-on experience in related fields (NGOs, activist/advocacy groups, event management, logistics, creative industry) and experience working with tools and equipments is highly preferred. 

● Skills and experiences in driving, boating, climbing, diving, swimming, first aid, electronic and mechanical equipment etc. will be an asset. 

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